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The importance of filling power in down

Fill power, also known as loft, is a crucial criterion when choosing down products such as pillows, duvets or jackets. But what exactly is fill power and why is it so important for the quality and comfort of down products? In this article you will learn everything you need to know about filling power.

What is filling power?

Fill power, expressed in cubic inches per ounce (cuin or inch³/oz), measures the volume that one ounce of down can occupy. The higher the number, the greater the volume and therefore the fill power of the down. High fill power means less material is needed to achieve the same thermal performance, resulting in lighter and more comfortable products.

Why is fill power important?

1. Thermal insulation

The filling power is directly linked to the thermal performance of a down product. Higher fill power means more air is trapped, resulting in better insulation and heat retention.

2. Lightness and comfort

High-fill power products are not only warmer, but also lighter because they require less down to insulate effectively. This ensures a more pleasant sleeping environment and increases comfort.

3. Longevity and durability

High fill power down products retain their shape and loft over time. This means that they don't get "flattened" as quickly and last longer.

Fill power standards

The fill power of down typically varies between 400 and 900 cuin. Lower-end products are generally less expensive but offer less insulation and comfort. High-quality down products, often designed for extreme weather conditions or luxury use, can have a fill power of over 800 fill power.

Choosing the right filling power

When choosing down products, you should consider the following aspects:

  • Intended use : Do you need a light summer blanket or a warm winter blanket?
  • Personal Preferences : Do you prefer a lighter blanket with higher fill power or a heavier blanket?
  • Budget : Higher fill power often means a higher price, but also better quality and longevity.

The filling power of the down shown:

Filling power of down shown


Fill power is a key factor in the quality and comfort of down products. A higher value means better thermal insulation, lightness and durability, which justifies investing in high-quality down products. Next time you choose a down product, pay attention to the fill power rating to ensure it meets your needs and expectations.

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