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Your destination for premium down pillows where quality and comfort meet. We know how important good sleep is for a healthy life. That's why we have put together an exclusive selection of down pillows made by renowned manufacturers such as Kauffmann, Künsemüller, QUQON and Sleepwell. These pillows, made from the finest materials, guarantee you heavenly sleep night after night.

Why a down pillow from AllesDaune?

Our down pillows are not just a sleep accessory; they are an investment in your sleep and well-being. Each pillow, filled with premium down and feathers, provides not only softness and lightness, but also excellent temperature regulation and moisture wicking. The result is a cool, dry and comfortable sleep, regardless of the season.

Discover our diverse selection

Whether you prefer a firm support pillow or a soft, cozy pillow, you'll find the perfect down pillow for your needs. With a variety of sizes and filling levels from leading manufacturers such as Kauffmann and QUQON, you are sure to find the ideal pillow for your sleeping style.

Our promise: quality

Every down pillow in our range has been carefully inspected and meets our high standards for quality, comfort and durability. We are confident that you will immediately appreciate the quality and sleeping comfort of our pillows, supported by brands like Sleepwell and Künsemüller.

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Browse our selection of down pillows and discover how EverythingDown can improve your sleep and quality of life with the ultimate comfort and support of premium down pillows.

The right choice for every type of sleeper

At AllesDaune we understand that a restful sleep looks different for every person. That's why we offer a comprehensive selection of premium down pillows that are specifically designed to suit every individual sleep type. Whether you are a side sleeper, back sleeper or stomach sleeper, in our range you will find the perfect pillow that meets your specific needs. Our pillows, filled with high-quality down, guarantee comfort and support for your neck and head to give you the best possible sleep quality.

Perfectly coordinated pillows for side sleepers from Austria

Side sleepers need a pillow that provides sufficient support to optimally support the head and neck and thus keep the spine in a straight line while sleeping. Our down pillows for side sleepers feature a firmer filling that is specifically formulated to provide the right balance of support and comfort. The high-quality down in our pillows comes from responsible sources in Austria, which is an additional guarantee of quality.

Tailored comfort for back sleepers with optimal neck support

For back sleepers, our down pillows provide ideal support for the neck without affecting the natural curve of the spine. The careful design of our pillows ensures even distribution of down, providing gentle but effective support that contributes to a natural and ergonomic sleeping position.

Gentle and soft down pillows for stomach sleepers

Stomach sleepers usually prefer a softer pillow to prevent neck hyperextension. Our soft down pillows are specifically designed to gently cradle the head while providing enough support to promote healthy neck and spine posture.

Hypoallergenic down pillows – ideal for allergy sufferers

We know that allergy sufferers have special needs when it comes to pillows. Therefore, all of our down pillows have the NOMITE mark, making them an ideal choice for people with dust mite allergies. Our pillows not only provide exceptional comfort and support, but also safety and protection from allergens.

Easy to care for and long lasting

Proper down pillow care is easy, and our products are designed to last for years to come. Simply follow our care instructions to keep your pillow fresh and inviting.

Sustainability and ethics are at the forefront

At AllesDaune we attach great importance to sustainability and ethical sourcing. Our down comes from suppliers who take animal welfare seriously. With brands like Kauffmann and QUQON, we guarantee that quality does not come at the expense of the environment or animal welfare.

Our Code of Ethics: Responsible Sourcing

Our down comes from suppliers who follow strict animal welfare guidelines. This means that every feather and down is obtained under conditions that ensure the health and welfare of the animals. We regularly review our supply chain to ensure our high standards are maintained.

Partner with brands that share values

Our collaboration with renowned brands such as Kauffmann and QUQON is evidence of our commitment to offering products that are ethical and sustainable. These brands not only stand for excellent quality, but also for production that minimizes the ecological footprint and puts animal welfare first.

Discover down pillows online at AllesDaune now

Discover our selection of high-quality down pillows online at AllesDaune and find the perfect pillow for your individual sleep type. No matter whether you are looking for a pillow with special neck support, a hypoallergenic product or a pillow made specifically for side sleepers from Austria - you will find it with us. Invest in your well-being with a premium down pillow from AllesDaune and enjoy restful, comfortable sleep night after night.