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Superior DUO 4 seasons

Superior DUO 4 seasons

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Flexibility and comfort in every season: The Superior DUO 4 season down duvet from Kauffmann

The Superior DUO 4 season down duvet from Kauffmann offers a unique solution that guarantees sleeping comfort in any climate. Designed to seamlessly adapt to changing needs through all seasons, this set consists of two pieces: a lightweight summer duvet for warm nights and a medium warm coffered duvet for the cooler months. Using innovative special buttons, both blankets can be combined, allowing for optimal heat regulation and comfort during the cold winter months.

Versatile use and maximum comfort

  • Summer Blanket: Ideal for warm nights, this blanket provides lightweight comfort without overheating.
  • Medium-warm cassette blanket: Perfect for the transitional periods, it keeps you pleasantly warm without weighing you down.
  • Combined for winter: When buttoned together, both blankets provide the warmth and protection that cold nights require.

High-quality materials for a restful sleep

Made from the finest down and wrapped in soft, breathable fabric, each blanket in the Superior DUO collection promises a night of undisturbed sleep. The cassette blanket construction prevents the filling from slipping, ensuring even warmth across the entire blanket.

    Product details
    • with 2 cm inner and outer bridge
    • Filling: white new down, class 1, 100% down
    • Origin: Pyrenees
    • Cover: fine Mako batiste Nm 100,
    • 100% cotton, “Bramscher Tuch”, super combed





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    450 + 1180g


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    490 + 1320g


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    560 + 1440g

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