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Royal eiderdown pillow

Royal eiderdown pillow

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Immerse yourself in the royal luxury of the QUQON Eiderdown Pillow Royal, made exclusively from the finest eiderdown, carefully hand-collected from nests in Iceland. Each pillow is a bespoke one-off that not only offers unparalleled softness and loft, but also captures the essence of Icelandic nature and tradition.

Product description:

QUQON Eiderdown pillow Royal: Ultimate luxury for your sleep

The QUQON Eiderdown pillow Royal represents the ultimate in sleeping comfort and exclusivity. Featuring real eiderdown, known for its unrivaled lightness and warmth properties, this pillow offers loft unparalleled in the world of bedding. Around 1,000 of these precious downs weigh just 1 gram, underlining the exceptional quality and luxury they offer.

Product features:

  • Real eiderdown from Iceland: Each pillow is filled with carefully selected eiderdown, collected directly from nests in the untouched Icelandic nature.
  • Custom-made: Your QUQON Eiderdown pillow Royal is made individually for you to meet the highest quality standards and personal preferences.
  • Lightness and warmth: The unique properties of eiderdown ensure optimal temperature regulation and make the pillow extremely light and warm.

Advantages of the QUQON Eiderdown pillow Royal:

  • Unparalleled loft: Experience the unparalleled comfort and support that only real eiderdown can provide.
  • Nature conservation and sustainability: The down is collected ethically and sustainably, with respect for nature and the wild eider ducks.
  • Exclusive sleeping comfort: With the QUQON Royal eiderdown pillow, you can treat yourself to the ultimate luxury every night and the best basis for deep, restful sleep.

Elevate your sleep to a royal level with the QUQON Royal Eiderdown Pillow - a masterpiece of bedding that combines tradition, nature and luxury in one product.

Product details
  • Filling outer chambers: 100% hand-picked Icelandic eiderdown, pure, new eiderdown, class 1, 100% down
  • Inner chamber filling: new goose feathers and down, class 1, 60% feathers and 40% down
  • Not a single animal is harmed in the extraction of eiderdown. The down is collected from the abandoned nests of free-living wild eider ducks.
  • Origin: Europe/Iceland
  • Cover: fine Mako twill Nm 100,
  • 100% cotton, “Bramscher Tuch”, super combed
  • Filling weights:
  • Size Inner chamber/outer chamber
    40x80cm 450g / 2 x 30g
    70x90cm 750g / 2 x 50g
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