The AllesDown team

When we're not busy with our beauty sleep - also known as product testing - we do our best to ensure happy customers.

What connects us as a team? The passion for our products and natural sleeping comfort and we like to work every day to ensure that you too will love our products. There is no end to our pursuit of ever better quality at the best price.

Markus Hössinger


Founder for good reasons

When he's not doing a quality test in bed, our CEO Markus works tirelessly to get the best products at the best price from our studios. With over 25 years of experience in the bedding sector, he knows exactly what is important for perfect sleep.



"We are dream creators"

Choosing the perfect pillows and blankets is as individual as we all are. So there is no “one perfect blanket” or “one perfect pillow”. It always depends on individual needs. In order not to leave our customers alone with the choice, our sleep experts (we affectionately call them Sandmen) are happy to help with any questions about down!


Trust is good, control is better.

We know that our ateliers, from which the wonderful down products come, are among the best in the world and create true works of art. In order to meet our extremely high quality standards, we prefer to additionally test the products on a random basis. Just to be on the safe side, of course!