Discount prices for your sleep

Our prices at AllesDaune are not set in stone. Like many other materials, the raw materials for our products are subject to regular price fluctuations on the world market. This means that we regularly adjust prices to external influences.

The huge advantage? We can always calculate prices accurately and thus offer the best possible price at the moment. We can therefore do without “calculation cushions” and offer the best quality at the best price. This means our customers can rely on getting fantastic sleep products at a dream price from AllesDaune.

Daunenfedern Lager


We buy goods when they are cheap.

In order to get prices even cheaper, we use smart logistics and purchasing goods when it is cheap. So we buy raw materials when they are cheap and replenish our warehouses. This allows us to better bridge phases where prices on the market for raw materials are high and still offer low sales prices.

Very important: Nevertheless, we do not forget our principle of fair trade.

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