Tradition since 1823

By combining centuries-old traditions, KAUFFMANN is able to offer bedding of incomparable quality. In 2017, Sanders.eu GmbH was created from the merger of Sanders, founded in 1885, and the renowned, traditional company KAUFFMANN, which has been operating since 1823.

KAUFFMANN's passion is refining down and feathers, while their expertise lies in producing the finest down duvets of the highest quality.

Each product is crafted with loving attention to detail to satisfy customers in more than 40 countries around the world and enable a restful sleep.

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KAUFFMANN – a history full of tradition and quality

For generations, the name KAUFFMANN has stood for exclusive bedding and first-class craftsmanship. The roots of this traditional company go back to the early 20th century, when the Kauffmann family dedicated itself to producing high-quality down products. They founded their company with the goal of revolutionizing sleep comfort and quality by using the best down and feathers available for their pillows and blankets.

Over the years, KAUFFMANN has consolidated its reputation as a synonym for luxury and quality in the bedding sector. With an unwavering commitment to craftsmanship and attention to detail, KAUFFMANN continues to set standards in the industry today. Each product goes through an elaborate manufacturing process that uses only the finest materials to provide customers with unparalleled sleeping comfort.

KAUFFMANN's innovations, such as the development of specialized down washing and sorting techniques, have helped shape and advance the down bedding industry. The company is committed to providing ethically sourced products, which is reflected in the careful selection of its suppliers and the certification of its down.

Today, KAUFFMANN not only stands for tradition and quality craftsmanship, but also for sustainability and ethical responsibility. With its luxurious bedding, elegantly handcrafted, KAUFFMANN brings the comfort and elegance of the Austrian way of life to bedrooms around the world.

For lovers of the finest bedding, KAUFFMANN remains a constant source of trust and satisfaction. The company remains true to its philosophy by continually investing in innovation while upholding its historical values. KAUFFMANN continues to be a byword for quality that you can not only see, but feel every night.

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