fair Trade

We at AllesDaune firmly believe in a fair, sustainable world. That's why we are convinced that we can also ensure in our everyday lives that our world becomes a little fairer, more sustainable and better.

We check exactly where the fillings used for our pillows and blankets come from and hold the raw material suppliers accountable to ensure a fair trading chain.

Regardless of whether the down and feathers used come from Austria, Bavaria, Pomerania, Masuria or other regions of the world: We oblige our partner companies not to carry out live plucking, which is prohibited under European law, or down and feathers obtained through cruelty to animals in accordance with the European Down & Feather Code Association (EDFA) to obtain or use. They must also document the traceability of the down and feathers used in accordance with the EDFA certification requirements.


Case study: Maria from Austria

Maria is just one of many goose farmers from Austria. Farmers like her are part of the Austrian small farmers' association "Österreichische Weidegans".

As you can already guess from the name of the association “Austrian Weidegans”, geese are raised and kept in a species-appropriate manner under the quality label, where the focus is not on quantity but on quality. And that’s 101%. The farmers receive a fair, reliable purchase of their quality down and can thus enable species-appropriate, sustainable animal breeding.