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What makes down so special?

In the world of bedding, down is considered the epitome of luxury and comfort. Their popularity is based on a number of unique properties that make down products, especially from allesdaune.at, an outstanding choice for anyone who values ​​a restful sleep.

Natural thermal insulation

Down is known for its exceptional ability to retain heat. This natural layer of insulation, which protects birds from extreme temperatures, also offers numerous benefits to humans. Down keeps heat close to the body without causing overheating. This balance of warmth and breathability is invaluable, especially on cold nights.

Lightness and suppleness

One of the most striking characteristics of down is its lightness. Compared to synthetic filling materials, down offers unparalleled softness and flexibility. A down pillow or duvet adapts perfectly to the contours of the body, supporting a natural sleeping position and ensuring maximum comfort and rest.

Effective moisture regulation

Down has the unique ability to absorb body moisture and wick it away effectively. This contributes to a consistently comfortable and dry sleeping environment, regardless of the season. The breathable properties of down prevent sweating and ensure a deep, undisturbed sleep.

Ethical extraction and sustainability

AllesDaune attaches great importance to the ethical sourcing of down. We only work with suppliers who are committed to responsible practices and whose down verifiably comes from animals that are raised in a humane manner. By choosing products that contain ethically sourced down, our customers contribute to a more sustainable and responsible industry.


Down products are an investment in long-lasting sleeping comfort. With proper care, down comforters and pillows can maintain their loft and insulating properties for many years. This longevity makes down an economically and ecologically sound choice.

Versatility for every season

The versatility of down products makes them an ideal choice for any season. In winter, down duvets and pillows offer unparalleled warmth that gently wraps you and protects you from the cold without weighing you down. In summer, however, they impress with their breathability and lightness, which ensure a pleasant and cooling sleeping environment. Due to the natural ability of down to regulate temperature and effectively wick away moisture, it guarantees a restful sleep all year round. Whether it's frosty winter nights or mild summer nights, down products adapt perfectly to the needs of your body and therefore offer comfort in every situation.

Hypoallergenic properties

Down products are known not only for their comfort and warmth, but also for their hypoallergenic properties, making them an excellent choice for allergy sufferers and sensitive sleepers. Thanks to careful processing and the use of high-quality, clean down in combination with mite-proof covers, down products minimize the risk of allergic reactions. The NOMITE seal that many of our down duvets and pillows bear confirms that they are suitable for people with house dust mite allergies. This natural barrier against allergens ensures a clean, healthy sleeping environment where you can breathe deeply and sleep deeply without worry. Down products combine luxurious sleeping comfort with the well-being and security that sensitive sleepers need.

In summary

Down represents unrivaled comfort, natural thermal insulation and moisture regulation. Their lightness and suppleness offer a sleeping experience that synthetic materials cannot achieve. allesdaune.at is committed to ethically sourcing down to ensure that every product is not only comfortable, but also made with animal welfare and sustainability in mind. By choosing down products from allesdaune.at, you not only choose quality and comfort, but also support responsible and sustainable production.

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